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Newswriting for Dummies

 This one is pretty awesome.  I don’t remember many people who loved math, but who knew the police hated it this much? While I did edit this for “content,” you can clearly see what was originally part of this script.  It’s always SO easy to blame the people who stumble on […]

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Karen Carlson – An Ode to the Football Widower

 No, it’s not a typo.  I do mean “widower” when I talk about football, since I am, in this case, talking about my husband.We are now officially in Football Season, and I am officially, Ready.  One thing you may not know about me is that I am an insane football […]

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Philanthropy: Karen Carlson Finest Under 40 Award

There are many ways to bring charity to your workplace.  I’ve found that in many companies I’ve worked for, my managers have been very encouraging and supportive in my interest to help a variety of causes. Sometimes, it’s station or network related, like the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon of which […]

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  ABC 4’s Karen Carlson and Wesley Ruff at the Jerry Lewis MDA telethon. 

Read More – What does it mean when your comment is called out?

    I recently commented on an article on on Mark Cuban and how terrible bosses helped propel him to the success he is today.This is the first time I had commented on this blog I was “called out” for it and got an email saying so. didn’t know what that […]

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