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You know you’re Flirting with 40 if you…

 …know what a Swatch Guard is…can effectively use “rad” in a sentence and know what it’s short for….argue that the Consumer Product Safety Commission should have outlawed Jiffy Pop…have ever worn leg warmers, a leotard and shiny tights in order to work out and look rad…can make popcorn in a […]

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Ladybug House & A History of Hospice Care

 Ladybug House     Throughout history, society has found ways to care for the chronically ill as they prepare for the end of their lives. In ancient China, “death houses” were created for the dying and destitute to stay. Great Britain made major developments in the practice of end-of-life care, dealing […]

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Online Reputation: Beyond the Basics for SEO Tactics

   Some call it the 80-10-10 Rule.  I just call it a fact of life.Let’s face it:  No matter who you are, someone won’t like you.  This has been true since the dawn of time, and will be in another thousand years.  The only difference nowadays is, there is no accountability […]

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