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You know you’re Flirting with 40 if you…


...know what a Swatch Guard is

...can effectively use “rad” in a sentence and know what it’s short for.

...argue that the Consumer Product Safety Commission should have outlawed Jiffy Pop

...have ever worn leg warmers, a leotard and shiny tights in order to work out and look rad

...can make popcorn in a pan

...know what a crimper is

...remember how to peg your pants

...know what RC stands for, what Tab means, what Jolt Cola is and that ALF is an abbreviation (and what it is short for)

...understand inherently that Heman and Shera belong together

...know what a banana clip is and why it makes your hair look SO much longer

...understand the importance and value of Aquanet (and think it smells SO much better now!)

...for you, “jelly” is a style of bracelet

...know what a Waterpik is and why your family was totally rad to have one

...ever wore a feather in your hair as a matter of fashion ever used Sun In (and remembered the moment you miraculously figured out you could use your hair dryer instead)

And finally.. You know you’re Flirting with 40 (or are past it) when... go to 7-11 and see a sign that says, “In order to buy alcohol you must have been born after this date in 1994” and you’re so shocked you drop your Geritol.


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