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I recently commented on an article on on Mark Cuban and how terrible bosses helped propel him to the success he is today.

This is the first time I had commented on this blog I was "called out" for it and got an email saying so.

I didn't know what that meant!  I thought it meant I was in some sort of trouble.  And when you Google it (nothing Google does makes sense anymore), there was no specific information on what it meant to have your comment called out.

After some research, I discovered it meant that my comment was considered valuable to the conversation.  I guess they just used the phrase "your comment has been called out!" to confuse you.  It worked, to some degree, otherwise I wouldn't be writing this blog on a Saturday night.  (man, am I boring!)

Anyway, the gist of what I was saying in my comment was that even terrible people have a "gift" of sorts for you - for example, I remember when I had an absolutely horrific landlord.  We were truly the perfect tenants - paid all of our bills on time, never asked for anything and were pretty much rarely there.  But in the rare case there was a problem, he would yell and scream - and be as difficult as possible.  It was unbelievable.  The only way I could justify his irrational behavior was to think that - in some way - he had a gift to give me.  It was the gift of knowing that - no matter how difficult it was to be a first-time home buyer in Los Angeles - it could happen and I had to make it happen.

So call this out Forbes!

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