Read My New Blog: It's Like Ebola For FinancesWhere has Karen Carlson been?

Karen Carlson on Japanese TV


Well, I don't know a ton, but I'm pretty sure this will get people talking.  Me, on Japanese TV?  Most of us know I've been on TV here in the states for a long, long time... but I just hear myself and think, "YOUR ACCENT SUCKS!"

Typically, I'm my own worst critic, but in this case, I really just have to laugh at myself.

So when was this, you ask?  Well, obviously a long time ago, since my hair is jet black, I still look like I have baby fat (though frankly, I was also having a reaction to bug bites all over my face, but I digress), and I just look like a totally different person now.

I'm going through old tapes and came across this one and thought it too funny NOT to share.  I'll have more for you in the near future, so make sure to check back regularly.



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