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Maddie the Bulldog: Not Skinny


Westminster Dog Show ACTUALLY Chose Bulldog as Best in Category!


And now.. for something even funnier... Maddie was watching the English Bulldog on the TV and started to cheer her on.  HA!

I don't often watch these dog shows, because typically, it's always a dog that looks like a walking carpet - or one with better hair than I have - that wins the show.  I'm obviously a bulldog fan - and I remember one time I did watch the show, they cut the bulldog out of the show entirely!  I actually wrote a complaint to them (boy, I must have been bored that day!).

But this year, in the non-sporting group, the English Bulldog took first place!  

And other than the fact my dog outweighs this dog by, well, quite a bit, don't you think they look alike??

Maddie may be old, and sleepy, and silly...

BUT, as far as I'm concerned, Maddie will always be Best in Show.

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