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I bumped into a friend of mine last week who interviewed me for her Lifetime TV and personal Mommy Blog.  For my first Mother’s day, she asked about how I balance work and home life with a new baby.  I told her how important it was to have a supportive partner.  My husband is great with the baby.. better than even I had hoped.  This helps tremendously.  I also told her how important it was to try not to be “super mom” like our parents were. 

When we kids became old enough to be in school full-time, my mom went back to work.  But she continued to do all of the “mommy” stuff as well – cooking and cleaning, doing all of the laundry, making the beds and doing all of the grocery shopping.  This is way too much.  It seems she never took time for herself.


Karen Carlson mommy


My advice to my friend’s viewers and readers was to make sure to take time for Mommy.  This means – have lunch with your girlfriends, go get your hair cut (I finally got mine cut for the first time since before Jordan was born – it looked like I was wearing a broom on my head!), and to just take that relaxing bath and hide from the family for an hour.

We women are nurturers, but we must not forget to nurture ourselves.. we need to keep our health and strength up so we can give the most to our employers, our children, our husbands, and ourselves.

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