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Newswriting for Dummies


This one is pretty awesome.  I don't remember many people who loved math, but who knew the police hated it this much?


While I did edit this for "content," you can clearly see what was originally part of this script.  It's always SO easy to blame the people who stumble on the air, or perhaps, don't make total sense.. (and hey, there are plenty of times I never did make sense even with a correct script!), but sometimes, not always, it's something that's just not well communicated behind the scenes.

It has a couple of common errors many producers, graphics folks and writers end up putting in stories.  And don't worry - I will make sure to put stupid mistakes from MY tv stations in there as well.  Believe me, after this many years - there are plenty!


Just stay tuned... and share this page, because it's about to get hilarious!  Enjoy the zany world of television news and the many fun things that go with it.



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