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Saving Patti at Wrigley Field with Chicago Cubs Employees

            I just returned home to Los Angeles from Chicago, where I spent several days promoting a line of sportswear.  This involved a lot of time spent at Wrigley Field, including during game days.

            As we were finishing up on Saturday after the Chicago Cubs win, sales were going gangbusters when I heard about a dog that was struck by a hit-and-run driver.  When I went to the nearby restaurant parking lot, I saw a crew of Chicago Cubs employees around this dog – one woman was petting the dog to keep her calm, while another went to purchase a leash and a third was on the phone, trying to find someone who could help her. 

            In talking to them, I found out nobody was able to make it through the crowds and chaos to take this sweet pup to the hospital.  So, since we were parked nearby, we wrapped up operations and escorted her to an animal hospital.


           Upon arrival at the hospital, several vets came out with a stretcher to wheel her into the hospital.  Since they didn’t know who she was, they had to put a muzzle on her (they said to her at the time, “You’re not bad, we just don’t know you.”)


          At that time, the woman explained to me what happened to dogs in her situation – they put her on a three-day “stray hold” and if no one has claimed her, she goes to the shelter for three days… then after that, if she’s not taken to the rescue shelter… they put her to sleep. 

          While the veterinarians were checking her out, I was at the front counter, fighting back tears and telling the people there that I needed to know what was going to happen to her – that I couldn’t let this dog be put to sleep.

          They went through their data banks and found out someone had reported a missing pit bull – they called the person – who was quickly on her way down to identify her.


          So there I was, when the owner, Lisa, showed up with the “missing” poster that she’d be putting up all over town.  Lisa explained Patti the Pit Bull ran out when she was closing the garage door and had been running around since 9:30am.   We found her around 5 or 6.   She had called the police and shelters, every hospital said she had been getting reports that Patti had been spotted in several places along the way. 

          Lisa explained that she had just rescued her and had an appointment to get her microchipped in a few days, but Patti the pup had the flu and had to get better first.

         Here is the video of the reunion, which I repost with her permission.





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